Defence prime Raytheon Australia has announced six new participants have been added to their 2023 annual Capability Plus roundtable event.

The new participants include South Australian engineering consultant Solinnov, indigenous and veteran-owned service provider JY, Australian electronic warfare testing and training provider Mellori Solutions, Australian-owned asset management company Capability Partners Asset Management, Adelaide software company Consunet, and ACT computer security service Penten.

The Capability Plus program is tailored to small-and-medium enterprises, with the focus on ensuring Australia’s local defence industry is ready to equip and sustain the Australian Defence Force. It provides training and mentoring across topics such as ASDEFCON, IP, and quality, delivered by experts across a wide-range of fields from engineering to program management.

“As a trusted capability partner to the Australian Defence Force, Capability Plus enables Raytheon Australia to partner meaningfully with SMEs as we strengthen our foundation of sovereign defence knowledge,” according to Raytheon Australia managing director Michael Ward.

“Today, we warmly welcome our six new participants to the Capability Plus program – Solinnov, JY, Mellori, Capability Partners Asset Management, Consunet, and Penten.

“They join our broader group of 12 organisations who are nurtured to grow, network, and maximise their competitiveness in support of our nation’s Defence objectives.

“Our focus is on collaborating to meet the unique needs of our Capability Plus partners through tailored experiences, mentoring, and training.

“This approach has generated meaningful and sustained work for our local defence industry, demonstrating the success of Capability Plus through tangible business benefits realised by our participants.”

Raytheon Australia has previously invested more than $6 million in contracts with engaged Capability Plus participants and a further $3 million committed in work to be delivered. That funding has provided opportunities and growth for companies such as Capability Plus participant Willyama Services and PLEXSYS Australia.

“The Capability Plus program has been a true game changer for both me and our entire organisation,” said Willyama Services chief revenue officer Jose Santos.

“Thanks to its comprehensive training and mentorship, I’ve personally witnessed an incredible transformation in our emerging leaders and the overall structural strength of our business.

“As a result, we’ve not only expanded our market presence but have also unlocked countless new opportunities.

“In my eyes, this program has been the undeniable catalyst for our remarkable success.”

PLEXSYS Australia director Robert Miller said the company has seen great value out of the program.

“Capability Plus is more than just a program, it’s a growth catalyst. It’s equipped us with the skills and leadership insights that have propelled our business to new heights.”

Current Capability Plus participants include Solinnov, JY, Mellori Solutions, Capability Partners Asset Management, Consunet and Penten, Daronmont, Calytrix, archTIS, Coherics, AOS, Frontline Manufacturing, PLEXSYS, HEO Robotics, JEDS, Redarc, Silentium Defence, and Willyama.

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