Episode 65: The ADF’s adoption of Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations amidst lessons from Ukraine 


In this episode, Grant McHerron talks with Phil Guy, Managing Director of Alkath Group, and David Devine, General Manager of Mellori Solutions, about Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations, or EMSO.

We get an overview of how the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum is used to transmit data for communication and navigations across multiple domains. We also get an insight into the possibility for the unification for the EM spectrum in the air, land, cyber, and space domains. The discussion provides an update on the ADF’s progress in adopting EMSO, the challenges that are being experienced in Ukraine, and the difficulties of simulating EMSO for training in the field.

We further explore the increased use of low cost EMSO devices such as drones and jammers before discussing the areas that the ADF needs to focus on to ensure they can conduct EMSO with effectively trained staff and effective systems to maintain dominance on the battlefield.

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